Have you ever wondered why sex with a female escort is better than a sex toy? Well I have some great news for you. The reason why sex with a female is better than a sex toy is because females have more pleasure sensitive parts of the body compared to males. This is the biggest reason why sex with a female can be more enjoyable and passionate than having sex with a sex toy.

Women’s bodies are naturally more erotic and sensitive than men’s bodies. It is part of a woman’s nature to become more responsive to the touch of another person. When a woman is in heat form, her body responds more quickly to stimulation and this causes a release of sexual tension. A lot of times during intimate moments a man releases his tension through his penis and this causes a release of an erotic substance (orgasm) in the woman. However when you have sex with a female the female body doesn’t always respond as quickly and therefore orgasm is not felt as quickly or as intense. If a woman had sex with a male she would not experience the same amount of tension that her vagina did during sex with you.

Another reason why sex with a female escort is better than a sex toy is because a lot of the physical intimacy that takes place during sexual encounters is mutual. When a woman gets sexually aroused she can and will allow more pleasure to enter her body which means more stimulation and pleasurable experiences. There is always mutual connection through physical feelings when two people are intimate. With a sex toy it is not as immediate and as connected because the connection comes later in the sexual encounter.

The obvious reason why sex with an escort is better than a sex toy is because women tend to be more open to more sexual encounters. The female’s vagina is designed to receive sexual satisfaction which makes her much more willing to explore different sexual encounters. Many women get to a point within their lives where they have multiple partners. This means that they have had multiple sexual encounters with a variety of men and many of these sexual encounters are not very good.

The female body also allows for more relaxation during sex due to the nature of the female sexual organs. The vagina is designed to open up fully and allow a full vaginal penetration during sexual intimacy which is very pleasurable for both partners. The penis of a male is not designed to do this and as a result can be very painful and uncomfortable during sex. The female body is much more comfortable and allows for greater levels of comfort during sex. Sex with a female is better than a sex toy because the female’s body allows for more enjoyment.

As you can see there are many reasons why sex with a female is better than a sex toy. If you want to have more satisfying sex, then you should consider trying out something different like having sex with a female. It may surprise you and make your sex life more enjoyable in the long run.