There are many kinds of escorts, and if you are a novice when it comes to the escorting scenario, you would not know that, and that is okay. In this article I have talked about the different kinds of escorts in Birmingham that you can hire and what they are like, after reading the article, I am sure that you will get a clear picture as to what is best for you.

An escort does not have to be booked every night, and also, an escort does not have to have sex with their clients in order to make money. There are so many kinds of escorts that don’t ever have sex with their clients but still end up earning a lot of money. This may confuse you. Escorting does not mean that the escort has sex with the client, and they give them money for it. That would mean prostitution. Escorting is very different. Escorting means they sell their time and in that time you can choose to do whatever you please or whatever services they choose to offer you. Here are different kinds.

–    The niche escorts are one of the most popular types, and they are the ones that advertise a lot. Clients have also been known to flock to them, and they will book up really fast after they advertise. When you go these escorts, and you have fun, you will realize that this is not going to be a onetime thing, you will find yourself going back again and again. These escorts have also been known to charge higher rates when compared to other escorts because they know they can impose whatever fee they want and that they will get clients no matter what.

–    The blue-collar companion is the kind of escort that works really hard at making sure that you have a good time. They are also some of the most underappreciated ones. They will always work towards a goal and will make sure that they reach that goal. They are really experienced at making sure that customers are loyal but will have a contingency plan if some customers are not loyal.

–    The highly intelligent and cultured companion kind is the one that is educated and can and will have intelligent conversations with you. They are also very open-minded and will learn really fast about what you like and don’t like. You will find that you love hanging out with them and also that you enjoy the other fun parts as well.

–    The part-time escort will only take a few clients per month, and if they find loyal clients, they will abandon their search temporarily and concentrate on their existing client.